To Schedule Your Spiritual Mediumship Reading

To Schedule Your Spiritual Mediumship Reading

An exceptional experience!  Susan is gifted in her ability to connect easily with the Departed as well as other Spiritual Beings in the Unseen World.  She does this work to help bridge the love between the living and the departed, and create opportunities for healing. Susan is considered a Master Reader.

She is also able to help with relationships, health, and finances.



Once you have your appointment scheduled, you can prepare yourself by having a way to tape your Reading or take notes.  You will need to be stationary if you have phone Reading, no traveling in a car etc during the Reading. A Spiritual Mediumship Reading is equally effective whether in-person or via the phone.  Susan also works via Facetime or Skype.

Typically, Susan is able to connect with the Departed as well as intuit relationships, finances, health, and Soul concerns.

Click here to be taken to the payment portal and appointment calendar.

or Contact Susan to schedule your Reading.  She responds within 48 hours.


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