College Lectures

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I have been invited by a number of colleges and universities of late.  I am always happy to speak about how we can empower our lives through a deeper understanding of our sleep Dreams, as well as how to better expand our consciousness.  ( see some of the testimonials)


I spoke this past summer at MIT in Cambridge, MA and discussed the way the left and right side of our brains work, as well as how to better balance them and in doing so; our lives. I also led them on 3 shamanic (meditative) journeys via my frame drum, so that they could better ‘see’ how their inventions that they were pitching to investors in the upcoming weeks, would go.  There were many comments on how they could improve their products and their pitch after they were done with the meditations.  This is an effective tool that elite athletes and more use.  So why not some brainiacs at MIT?  I loved it there.


I was invited back to the University of New Hampshire this past October and thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Penelope Morrows Spirituality class. I spoke about Dreams and Dreamwork; but also spoke of many of my personal struggles in life and how I got through them.  I discussed tools that can bring us courage as well as more peace from anxiety.  They are a very enthusiastic bunch!


I was contacted by a student at Boston University in November, requesting they video me holding a Dream Circle.  I agreed, but wanted students to be the people in the Dream Circle, so I could teach them as I was taped.  It went quite well and they are sending me a copy of the footage and I shall post here soon when I get it.


I was asked by Mitchell College in New London, CT to speak on Dreams this December.  I was in Nevada at the time they needed me to speak, so we did it via a webinar of sorts.  It went well and I am grateful we could make it a go…regardless of 3000 miles!


I speak/lecture all over, to any group.  I am incorrigible that way.  Let me know if you would like to consider the same for you and your group.  Just shoot me an email.