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Susan Morgan is a gifted Spiritual Psychic Medium.   She connects easily with Living Beings in the Unseen World, which includes our Departed. Her goal is to bring healing to relationships that span both sides of the veil.  We can bring healing and greater understanding to our relationships, even after one side has passed onto the next World. It is never too late.

For a deeper look into this, Susan recommends her book: Death and Continuing On; A Primer in Interdimensionality.

Susan also connects easily with the animal world and is a respected Animal Communicator.  She thoroughly loves doing Readings for our be-furred, and be-feathered friends.

Susan is the Founder of the 501C registered non profit The Mystic Dream Center, and is a Master Dreamworker.  She has taught thousands how to empower their lives through understanding their Dreams, and she continues with this heart inspired goal. Susan leads Dream Circles and workshops nationally and  also is involved with the development of new Dreamwork programs for people in recovery, as well as vets who suffer from PTSD.  More information can be found at: MysticDreamCenter.com.

And lastly, Susan is a published author of numerous books which include: The Power of Dreams; Dream Tools to Navigate Life and Death and Continuing On; A Primer in Interdimensionality

Check out her current schedule: MysticDreamCenter.com

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